Monday, October 4, 2010

Do good, feel good!

    In my life, I tend to ask questions like... 'How can I be happy?'

I'm definitely sure that I am not the only one asking this kind of question. A lot of us in this world is hoping, wishing for happiness in life. Self realization is a fact that we need to understand before we can even meet that happiness we are looking for.  We should first know the things that can make us satisfied then we will be happy. Satisfaction plays an important role in one's life and acceptance is also one main factor that connects with it.

    Say for example, I'm married. If I don't learn how to accept my husband's weaknesses or should I say, his not-so-good nature, that will be a negative point for a happy married life. Why? Because everytime he would do things that show his weakness or his bad side, I will argue. (which is obviously normal)... argument leads to misunderstanding and fight... but what I am trying to point out is that satisfaction and acceptance don't just stop there.  It is deeper, more meaningful than what we all have learned from school. Life is so much complicated to understand with our simple minds but if we teach ourselves on how to accept things that comes in our lives, we can cope. Especially if we have the love, respect and fear of God which are the main ingredients for a happy marriage, we can say that we can be happy in our own way.  That's for sure.

    What I have learned from my experience in my younger years is that when somebody did bad things to me, I just kept quiet and still did good things to that person. Later on, that person realized that he was wrong. That happened a lot of times before. Although I can't always clear my name to the people who thinks what I am not, I know deep inside me that I'm a real person and satisfied with who I am.

Feeling good is simply achieved by doing good no matter what. I know we are just human beings and are easily tempted and provoked. It's very hard to sometimes control our anger but if we have that conviction inside us that will help us fight these temptations, everyone will be able to feel that happiness everytime good thing is done.

This is just a start of my blog about 'Do good, feel good...' I will have more issues to share on this topic in different ways. Got lots of things to feel happy about... simpler but meaningful... 'till my next blog!