Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Very Own 'Amateur Photography'

    I love taking pictures of the nature, my pets and some of my flowers in my terrace garden. That's when I feel bored but too lazy to get out of the house. I would just go out the terrace and enjoy taking pictures of anything.
Just sharing my humble work of art... my so called amateur photography. I also included some of my pets' photos. Happy viewing!

Took a lovely shot of the sunset one lazy afternoon

Farmville at the back terrace... =)

Getting dark already

Lonely red hibiscus

Really nice!

Simply beautiful

Ants lurking at the petals

Hibiscus laciocarpos also known as rose mallow

Malvarosa - a mosquito repellent 

What kind of insect is this?

Caterpillar under the leaf

Fragrant orchids

The flower that turns white at dusk then starts the sweet smell.

All forgotten aubergine

My calla lily

The fly

The fly (side view)

Incy wincy spidey

A frog from our front porch

A tiny bug trapped in  water

I took the poor bug out of the water

Now it's ready to take off

Green ant in my garden. A lot bigger than ordinary ants

 It's cute though
A snail crawling in the darkness

Bath Time for my Quacker

Cool Snowee in red jacket

Snowee on my bed

Sweet and innocent Athena

A souvenir photo of our late Naiomi... missing her so much. =(

Chibby's siesta time

Beware of Frankie's stare

My grown up Quacker  just after bath

Still  drying himself

Not done yet?


Anonymous said...

what a great set off pictures makes me think of the lovely times just sitting relaxing on a sunset keep up the photography you are good at it all the best your loving husband kxxxs said...

Of course the kittens catch my eye.
Thanks for your visit.

Shynn said...

@ozjane: thanks too for visiting! have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

nice shots it... che...:)

xinex said...

Ypour photos are amazing, Shynn. I love the macro photos of flowers and the insects. Pretty cool!

Shynn said...

@xinex: would you believe me if i tell you that i was just using my LG Viewty cellphone when i captured those photos? don't have the proper camera yet. still waiting for the shipment of my new dslr cam. wink! thanks for liking them... =D