Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Run For A Cause

    Recently, we have heard about the misfortune of Japan about the earthquake and a tsunami. People say different things about the issue but as far as I'm concerned, we are not in a position to judge anybody in this world. We should feel lucky not to be in that situation just now. We also had misfortunes in our country and a lot of people helped. So in return, we also need to share our blessings to the ones who are experiencing bad things.

    People help in many ways. Through prayers, through medicines and giving the victims shelter and food. But as an individual who thinks that you can't do anything to help directly, there is a way.

    As I was browsing the internet, I happened to look for something new to do. Because I am always at home, sometimes I couldn't help but feel so bored. I managed to see this one site advertising about a free run and you have to register online to be a part of it and the proceeds will go to charity. Unfortunately, when I tried to register, slots were closed. Under the same page, I noticed different companies having such marathon... a run for a cause... I went to see the 'RUN FOR JAPAN' and registration was still ongoing. I told myself, 'Wow! I think I know how to help in my own way'. I had an experience running when I was in gradeschool. I was a runner... track and field... but due to sore stomach everytime I run too much, my mom told me to stop. My trainor got disappointed because he can see I got a potential.  I ran fast he said. Well, that's life. Maybe running wasn't really for me. But now, after so many long years, I decided to do it again. Although my reason is not to be an athlete anymore, I would like to run to stay fit and be able to help Japan and I plan to continue doing it for charity. This time I am helping,  having fun and staying fit.

My daughter's singlet. Still waiting for mine... 
    I'm starting my preparations now. I go jogging, brisk walking and doing some warm ups. To stay healthy is not just sitting down anyway. You have to work on it. I feel inspired with this run knowing it is something of considerable importance and I'll be a part of it.

    Getting excited now for Sunday, April 17, for my first run and I invited my sister and my daughter to run with me and help Japan. For those of you who wants to try it, there are more runs coming up to help different charitable institutions. For more details, you can check

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