Thursday, April 28, 2011

I'm happily married!

    Marriage is one of women's countless dreams.  They all wish of a fabulous wedding.  Some women may not have the wedding that they dreamed about but still happy with their loved ones. Some actually had a very elegant and extraordinary wedding but the marriage didn't last that long for some reasons. Whatever reasons we have behind our marriage, one best reason is LOVE. 

    It will soon be June and that month, being in some way superior, is the month that I will not forget.  Being  a June Bride, as they call it, it has been almost four years now after my unforgettable wedding. I now realized how lucky I am because I met a very nice, respectful and loving husband. It was June 24, 2007 when we became  united as one... as husband and wife.

    As a couple, we also experienced bad times in our lives. We had misunderstandings and fights due to difference in culture and other family matters.  Yes, these are just normal and we managed to carry on despite hardships looking forward to see sunshine after the storm. We managed to change the fear into excitement in this roller coaster ride.  We had ups and downs but never gave up as we promised through thick and thin we will fight for the family that we built. Because of these trials we became stronger and I can say that we're happily married and more blessed. We counted the blessings we received quickly after the fall. (and still counting...) 

    Let me share our photos as I reminisce the happy memories we had that time.  Hopefully, we can inspire couples out there to stick together for the sake of the family and in the name of love.

I personally chose the materials and the details of my gown. I told my husband that it was a simple design but he was really surprised to see my wedding gown that day.  For him it was so special. Well, I still think it was simple. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Boath
Chosen friends who witnessed the solemn vow.
Inside the chapel just after the wedding.
 It was even raining that day but we still enjoyed taking pictures outside with my husband wearing the traditional Scottish kilt.
 I had my daughter's gown made exactly the same as mine.

    Do you have problems just now? Or blessings maybe?  I am very much willing to listen to what you want to share.  People have different ways in solving a problem but I believe each one of us can also learn from somebody else's experience.  Let us hear your voice and share the lessons you learned in married life.


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