Sunday, May 22, 2011

Not Just Blocks...

    Have you ever wondered how a house is built? Have you ever dreamed of building a house or at least taking part in building it?  I have seen workers/laborers in construction sites doing their jobs and I know what they're doing is really hard. And now that I have experienced taking part in a work like this, I salute all the people who do this kind of job for living.

    Habitat for Humanity is an organization who makes houses for the unprivileged people and let these people participate in building their own houses. It also invites some volunteers to do some works in finishing these houses and making them ready for the people they are helping. For more details about Habitat for Humanity please click this link .

    My batchmates in Paco Catholic School decided to participate in this outreach and we called our group 'PCS Batch '88 Builders.  We went to Calauan, Laguna site to do some tasks in building a house, one of which was CIB (Concrete Interlocking Block) production which was the group's favorite of all tasks.  We enjoyed molding a block which is the most important part of a house.  While we were doing this, we realized  how important a block is and made our very best to make each block as sturdy and solid as we could. Before, I look at it as a block... just a block... but now, after the experience on how to make one, I know that this is not just a block. This is a 'house' for some people who didn't get the chance to have their own decent house and no other choice but to live in a shanty, sometimes, just living in a cardboard and an old tarpaulin as their roof. Our group felt so privileged to help these people by supporting Habitat for Humanity and being volunteers helped us realized how lucky we were to have finished college and be in a different situation.

                                                                  CIB PRODUCTION

one of the blocks we finished
we did that!
just can't hide the happiness after molding one block

                                                                               even my daughter enjoyed doing it

                                                                                           another proud finisher
    Before we did this so called CIB production, we were told to do the 'hauling' first. We went to the place where they stacked all the dried blocks and we had to put them in a cart then back to the place where we need these blocks to do the 'laying'. The sun was so high and freaking hot but we still had fun under the sun. We made four trips under the heat but with our gears on, we finished the task.

                                                                         getting the carts ready

                                                                 on the way to get some blocks

                                                                        filling the cart now

                                          going to the place where we need these blocks for 'laying

                                                                     unloading the cart now

    'Laying' was another favorite task of the batch. We formed a line so we can pass the blocks to one of the units being built then laid them to form the walls of the house. It was really fun doing it seeing happy faces... tired but happy faces.

                                                                           we call it 'teamwork' 

                                                                            keep them coming!

                                                                 now that's what we call 'laying'
                                                                       busy aligning the blocks


                     we had a very delicious lunch after the first part of the outreach

                                                              group picture after a long day of work

    We finished at 5pm then started planning of swimming in Pansol where the water is warm and could help relax our tired bodies. We had a very successful day at the site and the bonding continued at the resort. Just like the blocks that we molded as solid as we could, we became stronger and solid as a team. Just like the blocks that we laid to make a house, we were also bonded as one to become a better group who always wanted to help anytime.  We were happy that we became a part of building a house for one of the unfortunate families. We are still looking forward to do more charity and help in our own little way.

                                                                       having fun at the resort

                                                                this was soooooooo relaxing!


Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful account dear Roselyn! detailed and very inspiring.... was beyond glad to have you and your daughter issah as part of the team. your blog about it more than compensates for the heat and energy-draining work! looking forward to more outreach projects with you and issah! :) -- shawie

Shynn said...

hi, shawie! thanks a lot for giving me such opportunity to be a part of this outreach. never had second thoughts about it anyway. i can still go for more... keep in touch!

ai said...

this is such a wonderful learning experience together w/your hs batchmates.working together is not hard to do if everybody is willing to give their full support....and humbly do the blocks----from hauling to laying....very hard but seems everybody was doing well and with a smile on their faces...good job!!!

Shynn said...

thanks so much, ai! it's a very nice comment. hope u can join us sometimes... God bless...

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful shynn! aside from seeing myself in a site other than fb (hehehe), this one relives the pleasant and happy moments i had with you and the rest of our team during this worthwhile mission! see you again soon...God bless..- connie

Shynn said...

connie, the pleasure is mine! thanks also for being a good team mate. i do love doing more charity works with u... keep up the good work!