Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Holidays!

    How do you celebrate the holidays? Come new year and there will be so much fun for all of us especially if we are with the whole family, right? I bet lots of you couldn't wait for that new year's eve already. Well, me too! Although there will be a big change this coming new year's eve to us, no relatives around us this year, we are still looking forward on enjoying it. It will be just the four of us. Me, my husband and two kids in our new house in Dundee, UK.  Nevertheless, we managed to celebrate our christmas and will manage to have a great new year too! We will miss everybody but the memories of the past holidays with them will remain in our hearts.
    Whatever way you celebrate the holidays, I would like to wish everyone a prosperous new year! May all your wishes and dreams for the next year come true. God bless us all!

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