Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bird Watching by the Window

    I decided to put my newly bought JVC camcorder into my tripod and placed them by the window to start bird watching one lazy afternoon with my daughter.  I first took videos of birds visiting the front yard or birds flying in the sky.  My daughter, Issah, checked the backyard and she had taken shots of a flock of birds too!  Luckily, it was a great day outside. Although it was still cold, it didn't rain and the dry weather helped us capture every moment and every type of birds present that time.
I would like to share those photos I got from the video thru VLC snapshots. Hope you enjoy them!

The crow.
The most common sparrow.
A flock of stalings ready to take off.
Male blackbird.

Male Chaffinch
It's stretching its wings. 
... and now stretching its tail.



A starling.


kirstallcreatures said...

A good start to birdwatching for you and your daughter Shynn, thanks for takingthe time to visit my blog too, L

Shynn said...

You're most welcome Phil! I really love your pictures. Really professional! How I wish I could take superb photos like them. Of course the I know that I need a proper camera too! heheh... I was just watching the birds that time with the glass window close so the reflection of some light didn't help as well. Besides, birds were too far out and I was only using a 40x zoom camera... I'm really enjoying all your photos. Keep them coming!