Sunday, April 17, 2011

'Run for Japan' Moment

    It was Sunday morning. My alarm went on and my husband from UK also gave me a ring just to wake up at 4am. Still too tired and sleepy because I went to sleep at 2:30am. It was my daughter's sweet sixteenth birthday the other night and some friends left late as well. I managed to get up because of the excitement of going on that run anyway. I woke everybody up to prepare and we didn't want to be late.

    We went to the meeting place, saw everybody warming up and the 10K runners were getting ready for the gun start. Then the 5K runners...  then us. As first timers in running, we chose the 3K run. After the gun start, we all went off. Some went slight jogging, some went brisk walking and some really started fast running maybe aiming for medals. (wink!) And picture taking galore! There were volunteer photographers too!

    Almost 7000 people joined the run. Generous people registered expecting a fun-filled Sunday morning with family and friends. There were booths giving some drinks and other stuff and there were even people who registered and went there wearing their cosplay costumes. 

    No regrets of waking up that early for this kind of event. It was a different experience with a happy feeling and I intend to do a lot more running in the future. Proceeds will be given to Japan Red Cross to help the victims of the tsunami. A lot more runs are scheduled for charity purposes. Are you willing to try this? You can check websites for fitness. Lots of choices to join like swimming, cycling, running etc. Be aware, be one of us and be happy to help. Cheers!


Kim, USA said...

This event is fun. But I don't like running I can do brisk walking fast!! ^_^ Thanks for the following I followed you too. Happy Wednesday!

Shynn said...

Thanks for the comment, kim! I will also follow your blogs... cheers!