Friday, March 2, 2012

Whilst The Weather Permits

    When we arrived here in Scotland, we never really had the chance to see the sun shining for long during the day.  We normally stayed inside the house even on the weekends because it was so cold and frosty outside.  No time for walking around at all because I easily get cold no matter how thick my jacket was. We've lived here before but growing up in a tropical country won't help me get used to cold weather like this so quickly.

    It still is winter now but luckily, the sun was shining so bright these last few days which is the best way to walk in the woods or along the beach and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Since I so love to take pictures of the wonderful creations around, I always bring my cellphone with me and ready to take a shot anytime.  I do a lot of photography especially when the weather is great.

    I would like to share some of my pictures of nature when me and my husband went to Glasgow early this morning and also included are some pictures when me and the kids had a walk in the park and by the beach.  Hope you all like them.

Wow, glorious!

They all seem to be looking at me.

Surely this one didn't bother.

Just lovely.

I love the fields.

I took this shot by the window.

At the Riverside Park.

 We saw a deer when we were walking the dogs.
A herd of deer up close and personal.



xinex said...

Your photos are gorgeous, Shynn. Thanks for sharing them. I lvoe nature!..Christine

Shynn said...

Thanks for visiting my humble blog, Christine. =D
I really love taking pictures of the surrounding especially when travelling or just simply a walk in the park. If you visit my blog again, you can see my very own amateur photography too when I was in the Philippines. Please join my site and you will see more photos of lovely nature here in Scotland. Thank you so much once again...

xinex said...

Thanks, I joined your sight. I have been to Scotland, where the palace and the water is, took a cruise there. Beautiful country!....Christine

Shynn said...

thanks so much for joining! i am also one of your followers now. good to hear that you already visited Scotland. You're right enough. this place has got lots of beautiful places. keep in touch! =)